Toothless Martin Amidu is stupid, not acting stupid – Kevin Taylor adds insult to injury

 Toothless Martin Amidu is stupid, not acting stupid – Kevin Taylor adds insult to injury

Investigative journalist Kevin Taylor has added insult to injury for the Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu describing him as a stupid person and that he is not acting stupid in relation to Amidu’s report on the infamous Agyepa scandal.

Martin Amidu is scathing in ridicule from Ghanaians, after former President John Dramani Mahama attributed to his inclusion in the Agyapa scandal report a paragraph of Airbus anomalies identified in the U.K as stupid and an act of a coward.

On his show, the “With All Due Respect” fame buttress his assertion by saying the Special Prosecutor never invited any person for probe since President Nana Akuffo-Addo forwarded the matter to his office all this while.

He seconded that the infamous Agyapa deal is different and has no correlation or link to the NDC, so Martin Amidu shouldn’t have added a paragraph of Airbus that has to do with the previous NDC government.

Mr. Taylor noted that Martin Amidu’s bitterness toward former President John Dramani Mahama dated back to the era late Professor Mill dumped him for John Dramani Mahama as his running mate for the 2008 general election. He said that is the main reason Martin Amidu started writing epistles in the name of a “Citizens vigilante” to ensure John Dramani Mahama went to the opposition.

On Loud Silence Media boss indicated that Martin Amidu could have done two separate reports, one on Airbus and one on the Agyapa scandal, he said Martin Amidu’s shenanigans of stupidity forms part of the PPA contracts for sale saga that he, Kevin Taylor did an exposure on citing Amidu’s office as an accomplish covering up on some information about that scandal.

He again indicated the numerous scandals that engulf the Nana Akuffo-Addo led government, yet Martin Amidu turns a blind eye to such scandal that deprives the country of billions of dollars. “if this is not stupidity then what is that? you leave all these scandals and want us to clap for you on an issue that Ghana as a country lost not even one cedi to it” ?

He further noted Martin Amidu has begun executing the bidding of the NPP thinking it will stick with few days to the December general election. “Masa let’s focus, Martin Amidu deserves to be pounding fufu in a village somewhere for the Free SHS students not to occupy the office of the Special Prosecutor” he concluded.

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