“The way Chief Justice is running Supreme Court and the Judiciary is shameful” – Kevin Taylor

 “The way Chief Justice is running Supreme Court and the Judiciary is shameful” – Kevin Taylor

The Supreme Court of Ghana has released a letter in reaction to some serious allegation by Member of Parliament for Asawase Constituency Honourable Mohammed Mubarak Muntaka.

The NDC whip in Parliament alleged that some justice of the Supreme Court attempted bribing an elected NDC Member of Parliament to vote against the choice of the NDC in the Speakership race which saw The NDC Nominee Alban Bagbin winning against Mike Oquaye an NPP nominee in a dramatic fashion on the 7th January 2021.

However, in a response letter signed by the Judicial Secretary; Justice Cynthia Pamela Addo, the apex court of the land led by Justice Anim Yeboah has said they are going to put measures in place to investigate the matter to unravel who actually was the said justice of the apex court who attempted bribing an NDC Elected Member of Parliament to vote in a certain direction.
Honourable Muntaka on Joy News alleged that the Judge of the Supreme Court promised their member free fuel for 4 years, scholarship for her children among other goodies if only she ditches the choice of the NDC and vote for that of the NPP.

The letter stated the allegation by Mr Muntaka is a great concern to the Chief Justice and as such everything will be done within the law to bring the truth out of the matter to bare.

But reacting to the letter on what has become the hottest political show on Ghanaian social media space, the host of “With All due Respect”, Kevin Taylor said the Supreme Court is just playing with words and for that matter the minds of Ghanaians because the Chief Justice himself does not trust the people at the bench he works with.
Mr Taylor said if the Chief Justice is indeed serious about dealing with the issue he would have gone straight to summon Muntaka to appear before the Court with his evidence on camera for every citizen to see and not try to play around the issue.

He said “ The CJ himself knows his men at the court are not clean and that he cannot risk opening an open inquiry about who attempted bribing the NDC MP.

I have said before and I am saying again that our last hope as country is our Judiciary and with how compromised the Judiciary has become under this Chief Justice, trust me our democracy is dead.
The Chief Justice has just confirmed the widely held belief by Ghanaians that the Supreme Court have become an extension of the NPP and that is shameful

Kennedy Agyapong insulted a judge that he is a foolish and an idiotic judge and we have this same CJ acting as the coach of Kennedy Agyapong to make the case a foolish case. Ask yourself what has become of that case and what was even the punishment given out to the NPP hoodlums who invaded a court and freed their colleagues standing trials in Kumasi.

“The Supreme Court has lost it” he said Kevin adding that the ruling of the Supreme Court on whether the Ghanaian birth certificate can be used to acquire a voters ID further worsen the case of people not having trust in the judiciary.
Last year, in an afro barometer survey, about 86% of Ghanaians admitted they have no trust in our justice system.
In speaking truth to power, Kevin Taylor stated even though there were issues of Justice Anim Yeboah been biased before his appointment as the Chief Justice, he had hopes that as a leader of the judiciary he was going to work hard in an impartial way to win back the trust of Ghanaians in the Supreme Court and our judiciary.

However, the conduct of the CJ and how he watched on for Kennedy Agyapong a Member of the NPP to denigrate the same judiciary he is leading is enough to say his handling of the Supreme Court and judiciary has been nothing but shameful which must be a concern to every Ghanaian.

Kevin Taylor has assured Ghanaians that he is going to do his bit to keep the fire on the “bad people” in Ghana and has vowed to keep an eagle eye on the Supreme Court with respect to the election petition before it.

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