“The NDC is too Timid, They behave as if Politics is Church”— Kevin Taylor

 “The NDC is too Timid, They behave as if Politics is Church”— Kevin Taylor

Kevin Taylor has called out the leadership of the National Democratic Congress saying the party is acting too nice and timid to the NPP.

Speaking on with all due respect extended version, Kevin said judging from how Akufo Addo as an opposition leader sponsored vile attack on the Ndc especially John Mahama, it should never take the Ndc even a day for them to demonstrate now that Dumsor is back to Ghana.

Kevin Taylor added that, the NPP are unforgiving, they are treacherous and a party full of malice as such if you want to deal with them, you must equally pay them back in their own coin.

Kevin Taylor has however thrown a challenge to the NDC that if indeed they want to be taken serious, they should start mobilization of their base to demonstrate against the current power crisis.

“Akufo Addo led series of demonstrators, they vilified and insulted Mahama as though he was some kid because of a problem he never created.

He admitted there was a challenge and promised to fix it, he fixed the problem but was eventually voted out.

These liars are in power and have succeeded in collapsing the energy sector and all Ndc executives are quiet ?

What is wrong with you the Ndc, I’m taking to you the executives of the NDC, there is this perception about you all being compromised.

If these allegations are untrue, then prove it by organizing your members and other well meaning Ghanaians to demonstrate.

Let Akufo Addo feel the heat, that’s the only language he understands”— Kevin Taylor said in his editorial.

In a press briefing yesterday, Energy Minister Matthew Opoku Prempeh admitted that indeed Dumsor was back and asked Ghanaians to grace themselves for massive power cut in May.

Before the Akufo Addo led NPP Came to power in 2016, Dumsor has already been solved by John Mahama with Ghana having excess power by the heavy investment the Mahama led administration did in the energy sector.

Just four years after handing power to the Akufo Addo, the man who made so much talk as an opposition leader has successfully taken Ghana back into power crisis with businesses and homes feeling the heat as their light always goes off without schedule.

Worse of it all, Is the Government is refusing to admit there is a problem and take the right measures to solve it.

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