Samini has disgrace the people of Mangu – Kevin Taylor

 Samini has disgrace the people of Mangu – Kevin Taylor

The maverick US-based investigative journalist, Kevin Taylor has described the style in which Raggea Dance Hall artist Samini endorsed President Nana Akuffo-Addo as a disgrace to the people of Samini’s village (Mangu).

Mr. Taylor said Samini who received an alleged amount of GHC 500,000.00 from President Nana Akuffo-Addo and recorded a track titled “Kpoyaka” for him without singling one of the plights of his village people is a big disgrace.

He said, these are the people who supported Samini from day one with everything including their prayers but today he has failed them monumentally. In a video of the said “track” Samini is seen praising president Nana Akuffo Addo with the Ekumfi pineapple juice factory and schoolchildren waving at the president.

The brand journalist initially took to social media and wrote “SAMINI I was expecting you to talk about how people in your home town share drinking water with cattle and sheep and how the roads leading to your home town has gaps like Adwoa Sarfo’s teeth in your campaign song for Nana Addo. As usual, the “DAGATINIII” did what we the “akans” want and say “ntafuo de3 we can buy them easily” like Azure and Martin Amidu. #focus “.

Mr. Kevin later on his show stated that the attitude of the Akans that they can easily buy Northerners has been exacerbated by Samini’s behaviour though he has the right to join or endorse any political party of his choice.

He then explained that Samini’s village is fright with dozens of problems which includes lack of potable water, Health centre, Basic schools and insecurity.

However former President John Dramani Mahama did his bit by ensuring they have water, a Health centre and a school. But more needs to be done and Samini was supposed to seize the opportunity to drum home the remaining pressing needs of his people since it is a one time opportunity.

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