IGP in cahoots with Akuffo-Addo to suppress votes in Volta Region – Kevin Taylor

 IGP in cahoots with Akuffo-Addo to suppress votes in Volta Region – Kevin Taylor

The CEO of Loud Silence Media, Mr Kevin Taylor has revealed the current Inspector-General of Police of the Ghana Police Service is in cahoots with President Nana-Akuffo Addo to suppress votes in the Volta Region.

According to Mr. Taylor, the IGP is President Nana Akuffo-Addo’s puppet and knows nothing about modern-day security. He unleashed fire on the IGP for packing security personnel in the Volta Region when it is not the highest or higher hotspots of violence in the police 2020 safety report.

The strong critic of the Akufo-Addo led NPP government pointed to the numerous daylight arm robbery and killings in the Ashanti Region as a region of violence hotspots that needs more security but not the Volta Region.

He hinted the NPP will clothe their Invisible and Delta Forces in security uniforms to cause mayhem only in the NDC strongholds to suppress votes. Mr. Kevin Taylor issued a caution to the NPP vigilante groups to desist or the citizenry will rise and fight back.

He also encouraged all Voltarians to prepare and retaliate because the president is the one planning that wicked tribalistic agenda as this same agenda didn’t succeed in the voters’ registration exercise.

However, the Host of the widely watch With All Deu Respect Show added that the IGP is as empty as an empty Can. “this IGP, you can’t compare him to Kofi Boakey, he doesn’t know what his duties are as an IGP, he is always being directed from the presidency”.

He further noted that Voltarians who supports this current croup of NPP should wake-up because Nana Akuffo Addo is a tribalistic president and must be voted out on 7th December.

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