Jean Mensah and the EC, as I have always said, are so determined to rig the upcoming 2020 election in favor of Nana Addo and the ruling NPP. Jean Mensah is a dye-in-the-wool NPP and would want to do everything possible to keep her party and her paymaster in power.

Biometric machines are supposed to be self-cleansing. This is why they are biometric. It easily detects a double registration and deletes one. How come we are now being told of many double registrations, which have to be deleted from the Voters Register? I can’t put my head around it. You tell such stories to kids. As it is now, a committee has been set up to clean the register of all the so-called double registrations. I must say, it is only a ruse to disenfranchize innocent eligible voters, targeting the NDC strongholds. People defied all odds, Covid-19, etc. to register. It would be so unfair to delete anybody’s name.

Now, there is going to be a mop-up exercise on Saturday and Sunday, and that is going to take place in the Electoral Commission offices around the country. Who is going to police the exercise in those offices, I wonder? Are the party agents going to be present to witness all what goes on in there? I call on the NDC to make sure they are represented fully to supervise this weekend’s mop-up exercise. The EC has to be given a close-marking. They should not be given any elbow-room to maneuver, to implement any of their rigging machinations.

This mop-up exercise is a recipe for the EC to get many ghost names into the register. These ghost names would be fictitiously covered by the National ID Card or a Passport, both documents issued by the government in power. This was the main reason why the EC ruled that Birth Certificates are not valid documents for registration. So that, in case any registrant’s identity is challenged, the EC could easily produce the false Passport or the false National ID Card, which would be easy for them to procure. They could not authenticate the person’s identity with a Birth Certificate, because they would not have access to one. It is easier for the EC to lay hands on false Passports and false National ID Cards. This is a very well thought out plan and we should not take it for granted.

In case of a neck-to-neck race, all these false registrants would be made to cast votes in favor of Nana Addo and the NPP. This is a very advanced rigging modus operandi the EC would resort to. I want to bring the NDC and the entire nation’s attention to this grand rigging scheme.

The next rigging outlet is the transfering of votes from one polling station in a district to another polling station in another district. It is another recipe for creating ghost names, who would be casting votes for the NPP on the D-day. The NDC must demand a copy of all the Transfer Votes and a list of all late registrants, with their IDs. All the IDs and backgrounds of those on this list, must of necessity, be double-checked. The IDs should really be verified. Many of the SHS students who were registered, together with their underaged colleagues (they did not have to show a Birth Certificate, they only needed somebody with a National ID Card to vouch for them. Anybody with such a card could vouch for as many as 8 to 10 people. The students were vouching for themselves.) are going to transfer all these votes to where they live come Dec. 7, as they would not be in school by then. This is another opportunity for the EC to easily slot in ghost names.


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