“Ghana is no longer the Gateway to Africa but a Garage of Injustice” Kevin Taylor

 “Ghana is no longer the Gateway to Africa but a Garage of Injustice” Kevin Taylor

The host of With All due Respect on Loud Silence Radio and Television, Kevin Taylor has said the widely held belief that Ghana is the gateway to Africa has fast become a myth under the watch of President Akufo-Addo.

Reacting to the President’s last State of the Nation Address held yesterday, the tough speaking investigative journalist said it is inhuman for the President to mount the stage to tell Ghanaians about the state of the country without touching on the 8 lives lost during the heavily disputed election held in December last year.

He asked if any of those who died including minors were related to the President or any of his family or friends would he have been acting “deaf” as he is doing now?

“Look, People have lost their lives, they were shot at for simply insisting on the right thing to be done but this tyrant of a President goes about saying the election was free and fair.”

These are the crazy things happening in Ghana and when you speak about it, some people will say Kevin does not respect, Kevin is always insulting, I simply don’t care what you think.

Those who died belonged to families, sole breadwinners, others depended on them and the crazy aspect is that these innocent people were not even armed, but under the watch of President Akufo Addo they were murdered in cold blood like chicken.

Jesus Christ, have we all gone crazy in this country that we can’t speak truth to power?” he asked

He added that the whole idea of Ghana being the gateway to Africa and a shining star with the practice of democracy has been corroded under the watch of President Akufo Addo a human right Lawyer, as such the time has come for all those who care about the future of Ghana to stand up and be counted to stop the abuse of power and intimidation ongoing in Ghana.

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