Election 2020: Kevin Taylor details why Ghanaians must vote against Akufo-Addo

 Election 2020: Kevin Taylor details why Ghanaians must vote against Akufo-Addo

Investigative Journalist and strong critics of the President Akufo-Addo led NPP government Kevin Taylor has detailed why every Ghanaian must vote against President Nana Akuffo-Addo come 7th December 2020.

On the October 15 of edition of his With All Deu Respect, the eloquent media personality who rose to fame on an agenda, “speaking truth to power”, buttressed his assertion by pontificating the level of government’s debt and how these debts have been used to the benefits of Ghanaians. In a short discussion in the English language, he took a step further to explain his points in two other local languages, Ewe and Ga.

In a short video with the title “The Infrastructure Debate” indicated that the NDC in 8years (January 2009 to January 2017) secured 54 billion Ghana cedis loan while the NPP in less than 4years (January 17 to October 2020) borrowed 137 billion Ghana cedis.

According to him, the Mills-Mahama led NDC in their 8years rule used the 54 billion Ghana cedis loan in constructing a lot of infrastructure including the Kotokroba Market, Cape Coast Stadium, Ho Airport, Circle Interchange, Kasoa Interchange, Ridge Hospital, over 120 E-Blocks, Dodowa Hospital, Ga East Municipal Hospital, Kumawoo Hospital, Afari Government Hospital, Ho Market, Keijetia Market, Renewable University, Wa Airport, Kumasi Airport Expansion, Tamale Airport expansion and KIA Terminal 3.

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Touching on how the New Patriotic Party used the loans secured under President Akufo-Addo administration to the growth and benefit of Ghanaians said: building of Nima toilet NPP, Madina toilet NPP, Kumasi toilet NPP, and Ho toilet NPP, the video then ended by saying “the difference is is a clear vote for John Mahama, John and Jane 2020”. “With this few infrastructures alone it is evident that the NDC has developed Ghana more than my own party NPP, this is how we develop a country, not toilets that are basic in countries that are yet to catch up with Ghana in development. Those countries don’t even allow these things to appear in their daily talk less of a government infrastructure record tracker”

He quizzed – how did we descend this low with President Nana Akuffo-Addo? and worse of it all is that some of these things are lies – a major reason we must vote out Nana Akuffo Addo.

However, the NPP activist continued on show with a prayer to God to deal with those who preach virtue but practice vas. In the prayer session on the show, he asked God to severely deal with the Aglow Women prayer group, the presidency, drivers, police personnel at the Tema port, followers of president John Dramani Mahama, all former presidents, young men and women if all that they did in the country under the John Dramani Mahama administration was for him to fail or be seen as a failure and same for the current administration.

In his last prayer session, he called on curses from Nana Agarada to strike all those behind the killings of investigative journalist Ahmed Suwaley, J.B Danquah deceased member of parliament for Abowakua, slay queens who have taken money from politicians for the sole purpose of painting their opponents black and to all those responsible for the current killings and armed robberies in the country.

He subsequently took a swap at the Assin North Member of Parliament, Kennedy Agyepong and His constituents.

According to him, the loudmouth MP uses intimidation and fear to rig elections in his constituency whiles lambasting the MP’s followers for depending on only the pennies he gives to them making him lords over them.

He also indicated that the MP has nothing as he parades himself as a rich man in the country and make noise on how he sponsors students from his constituents to school.

“Jack look, people who have Money don’t run their mouth as you do, people who really have money don’t talk, a young man working in America with decent pay is better than you. If you know you are a man why haven’t you come back to America after the lockdown? Have you seen that the American authorities have seized your Green card, come to America if you are a man?”

Moving back to why president Nana Akuffo Addo must be voted out he said, with this agenda of speaking truth to power, every political party member should educate the general public on what they think their parties have done to the development of Ghana, “to me, it is Ghana first before a party. So Mahama Afa, vote and vote massively for John Dramani Mahama if you want Ghana to prosper it is the Jonh and Jane ticket Jack 2020. He then attributed all the killings and armed robberies in the country to failed leadership on the part of his party’s flagbearer President Nana Akuffo Addo “this is another reason why he must be booted out”.

He concluded by encouraging all followers of his show to preach the gospel according to the “People Manifesto”, it is Ghana first. President Nana Akuffo Addo has failed Ghanaians woefully and doesn’t deserve another term my brothers and sisters open your eyes and awaken for mother Ghana, he finally concluded.

By: Dasaah / loundsilenceradio.com

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