ECs manual verification is another ploy to rig the elections – Kevin Taylor

 ECs manual verification is another ploy to rig the elections – Kevin Taylor

The Ghanaian US-based investigative journalist Kevin Taylor has alleged the Electoral Commission of Ghana is in another ploy to rig the December 7th election in favour of the New Patriotic Party as the EC announces to resort to manual verification on election day.

The firebrand journalist has explained that this current Electoral Commissioner was appointed to execute the re-election of President Nana Akuffo-Addo, therefore her antics to get the election rigged adding it was the main reason the EC went ahead with the new voters’ register, which has ended up wasting our money and time.

Mr. Taylor further explained that as the verification starts with checking of name on the register, followed by fingerprint verification, then facial recognition and lastly manual verification by an EC officer, the NPP in collaboration with the EC are planning to by-pass all the verification process to the last stage, which is solely the discretion of the EC officer to give a ballot paper to a voter to vote. At this stage, he said, the NPP and the EC will abuse the last stage with fake voters ID cards on election day in their strongholds to capture power.

Kevin Taylor again noted that the EC previous announcements of carrying the ballot boxes to the headquarters in Accra physically last two weeks and this recent manual verification indicates illegality thought motive.

He said with the transfer of ballot boxes to Accra they could add tump printed ballot papers to the content of the box and indicate the were manually verification votes.

However, he admonished the opposition National Democratic Congress to be extra vigilant and focus on election day otherwise it would be disastrous for them.

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