“Bro, we cannot fight. we must not fight” – A Plus smokes peace pipe with Kevin Taylor

 “Bro, we cannot fight. we must not fight” – A Plus smokes peace pipe with Kevin Taylor

Kwame A Plus writes after a standoff with Kevin Taylor:

In a chat with my brother Kelvin Taylor, I said to him, “bro, we cannot fight. We must not fight. We shall not fight. I will personally ensure that we do not fight.” The task ahead is huge. We must be united in fighting for this country. There are times we may disagree but we must ensure it does not escalate.

Not long ago, I said something similar in separate conversations with Manasseh Azure, Kofi Bentil and Franklin Cudjoe. These guys are doing very well for mother Ghana and need support and encouragement. That is why when Archipelago published a video criticizing me about something he could call me to get clarification I ignored. He is doing well and must not be discredited. Same as Twene Jonas and Bigscout and Kwame Afrifa Mensah and Vim Lady; like Domelovo and Martin Amidu just to mention a few.

I have made a decision not to fight with people who are exposing criminals who steal our money in billions while children go to bed hungry and people drink dirty water like ducks.

It is only an old dishonest man like Kwaku, who will fight with people like Domelovo and Martin Amidu. No sensible person will fight with people whose only interest is to protect the public purse and retrieve monies unlawful taken by individuals and organizations back to the state.

That group of Akpeteshie drinking, cigarette and weed smoking mafia which has set the agenda for this country from an Akpeteshie bar in Labone for 28 years are those we must fight. We must finish them!!! They are the cause of all the problems Ghana has. All!!!

I wonder how some decent men especially a very decent lawyer like “chibom” aka Egg…. is part of that gang. It is written at 2 Corinthians 6:14 that:

Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness? They are just a bunch of unapologetic criminals. Stop going there. You are better than them.

If you bet on a fight between Kelvin Taylor and I, I’m sorry, go get a refund. It shall not happen!!! He is doing a great job and I support him. I just asked him not to allow himself to be used for somebody’s interest but rather “focus.” That is just an advice. He is old enough to decide to take it or not. It is not a beef alert.

One love bro

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